These beautiful polished black granite benches surround The Ohio Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall and will eventually line the walk way through-out the park. They are engraved with many designs from companies, families or groups who wish to honor our troops and veterans.
The design of the benches are varied. Some benches have been dedicated to individuals such as Mike Paonessa and Robert L. Gilbert II, while others have been dedicated to a group of veterans from a certain city or town, such as Cuyahoga Falls and Wadsworth. The Cuyahoga Falls and Wadsworth bench was paid for with donations from friends and family members of those killed during the Vietnam War from their respective cities. Still other benches have been donated by cities, churches, organizations, businesses and alumni.

The benches are sandblasted with your own design, or we can assist you in the design. They can even contain photographs of your hero. The engraved area of the bench is 48" wide X 14" tall.

If your organization is looking for a good fundraiser to take part in, these benches are for an excellent cause.
The City Of Norton donated a bench to The Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park that reads...
"FREEDOM IS NOT FREE...Sacrifices they made and deeds they performed shall be written in history, and shall remain alive in our memories for generations to come. We express sincerely our pride and gratitude for the tasks they fulfilled."

The Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park wants to help insure that the names and deeds of these brave men and women indeed remain alive in our memories.


We can send a speaker to your next meeting to talk about the pear tree markers.


Memorial Bench Ordering Information

MATERIAL Polished Black Granite
SIZE The bench is 33" Tall X 50" Wide and Weighs 700 lbs
MESSAGE SIZE The standard cost of the bench covers a customizable seat rest of the bench that is 48" Wide X 14" Tall. Other areas of the bench are customizable at an additional cost. Hand engraved images as well as photographs are also an additional cost.
DELIVERY The actual delivery time of the customized bench is based on the availability of a bench blank and the number of benches currently being worked on. Bench deliveries are typically 6 to 8 weeks. If you need a more definite delivery time of a bench, please contact us at or (330) 773-2385.
PLACEMENT The benches are placed through out the park, lining the walk-ways and the sitting areas around the POW / MIA Pond. We will make all possible accommodations to place you bench in a specific location if the space is available. Please contact us if you have a specific location that you would like your bench placed at the park.
DONATION $ 3,500.00 - $ 9,900.00
HOW TO ORDER Mail & At The Park

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Via Check or Money Order
Click on a link below to download a PDF file that can be filled in and mailed.

Memorial Bench Order Form

AT THE PARK Our board members can collect your order at the Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park. Please call (330) 773-2385 to make sure we have someone on-site. We are generally there on the weekends and evenings during good weather, but can make arrangements to meet you there most anytime.







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