Cause: In 1845, President John Tyler formally approved the annexation of Texas. As soon as Tyler annexed Texas Mexico broke off diplomatic relations with The United States. The two nations also became embroiled in a border dispute. The United States claimed that the Texas-Mexico border was The Rio Grande. Mexico contended that the correct border was the more northerly Nueces River. Upon taking office, Polk immediately dispatched Zachary Taylor with 3,500 soldiers to The Nueces River to defend the land claims of The United States. At the same time that Polk sent the soldiers to the disputed area, he also dispatched John Slidell to offer Mexico to offer thirty million dollars to the Mexican government for the New Mexico Territory, California and to establish the border of Texas at The Rio Grande. The Mexican government refused to meet with Slidell.

In January 1846, President Polk ordered Taylorís army to advance to The Rio Grande. In April, Mexican forces attacked Taylorís army. Polk went before Congress and asked for a declaration of war for Mexicoís unwarranted aggression. The Congress agreed and formally declared war on May 13, 1846.

The Conclusion: On February 2, 1848, Mexico and The United States signed The Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Mexico acknowledged The Rio Grande as the border between Mexico and Texas. It also ceded New Mexico and California to The United States.

Ohioans Served: 7,000