As you enter the park you will approach the west side of the wall. This is The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall. It is engraved with the names of the 3,094 men and 1 woman who gave their lives in Southeast Asia during The Vietnam War. The names of these Heroes are listed alphabetically by their last name.

Facing The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is the Gold Star Mother statue. She is dedicated to all parents, and family members who have lost a child to combat. The statue gazes directly to the name of Sharon Lane, the only woman from Ohio to be killed in combat from The Vietnam War. This was completely unplanned, and even more of a coincidence was the fact that the Gold Star Mother Statue was dedicated to Sharon Lane's mother at the dedication.

At the base of the wall, you will often find many keepsakes, such as photos, flowers, letters and poems left by loved ones. These are personal tributes to the heroes and we try to treat them as such. We try to collect as many of these tributes as we can for display at future events. (Due to weather and climate, we cannot guarantee the preservation of these items. If you have an item that you would like stored and used as an event display, please contact us and we will make arrangements to have them stored properly.)

The Ohio Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall At Night

The Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park is lit until midnight each night. Visitors are welcomed and even encouraged to visit the park at night. The lit wall and monuments give the park a different feel with the black sky behind it. Many visitors describe the names as "floating in mid-air" once the sun sets. The mornings and sunset can be just as amazing. The park takes on a different personality at different times of the day.