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The Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park is funded solely by private donations.
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The Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park has been built by an all-volunteer work-force who want to say "Thank You" to our veterans. If you love our veterans and would like to help, we can use you!

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The Ohio Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall

"As long as a man's name is remembered, he will never be forgotten."

The west side of the wall is engraved with the names of the 3,095 Ohioans who gave their lives in service to our nation during the Vietnam War. The east side of the wall contains those who gave their lives since the Beirut Bombing up until the current date. The wall will soon contain the names of those lost during the Korean War. It is our mission to make sure that the sacrifices of our Heroes will not be forgotten for generations to come.

It is vital to us, as a nation, to guarantee that those who paid the complete measure are honored and remembered. We must pay tribute to those that made our country, our freedom and our safety possible.

The east side of the wall also contains engraved images and brief histories of the conflicts that Ohio has been involved with since the War of 1812. The American Revolution is not included because we were not yet a state.

  • The polished black granite wall is one-hundred-and-twenty-five feet long and weighs well over 100,000 pounds.

  • It is the longest free-standing memorial in the country. It is held in place by nothing but its own weight; unlike the wall in D.C. which has an earthen backfill.

  • The wall is made of fifty granite panels, each panel measuring 72" tall x 30" wide x 8" thick.

  • The foundation that the wall sits on is over seven feet thick and is made from steel reinforced concrete.

More Information About The Wall


bullet West side overview
bullet East side overview
bullet War of 1812
bullet Mexican War
bullet Civil War
bullet Spanish American War
bullet World War I
bullet World War II
bullet Korean War
bullet Vietnam War
bullet Beirut Bombing
bullet Persian Gulf War
bullet Iraq War
bullet Afghanistan War

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Photos of the West Side of the Wall

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Photos of the East Side of the Wall

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